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GHL Essentials is your key to standing out in the crowd. With a focus on delivering exceptional results and experiences, GHL Essentials offers a suite of essential features that enhance your marketing and business efforts. Whether you’re a marketer, entrepreneur, or business owner, GHL Essentials empowers you to optimize your funnels with a widget for custom code snippets and useful links. Explore the VSL Suite, enabling you to add custom code snippets and links to your funnel builder for a dynamic experience.

Additionally, GHL Essentials provides the Webinar Suite, allowing you to run fully trackable auto webinars within the GHL platform, complete with tag-based timestamps and custom element displays. Boost lead generation with phone number verification for surveys and forms, powered by Twilio integration. Improve address accuracy with Google Autocomplete API integration in forms and surveys. Enhance your client interactions with a call-back button and a custom image generator.

Experience the convenience of hosting video meetings directly from GHL, eliminating the need for third-party software. Simplify lead magnet creation with the one-click lead magnet generator. Offer on-the-spot home values with the Home Value Bot and assist clients in planning their marketing spend with the Real Estate Lead Cost Calculator.

GHL Essentials offers two subscription tiers, Essentials and Essentials Plus, catering to your specific needs with features like priority support and more. Join the ranks of satisfied customers like Nat Green from Smart Marketing Systems, Laurent DT from TRM Engine, and Virginia Scheuer from Soul Software. Unlock the potential of your marketing efforts with GHL Essentials

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GHL Essentials
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